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What to Look for in a Southern Utah Excavator or Pipeline Contractor

Selecting a southern Utah excavator or pipeline contractor is an important decision that can affect the quality, cost, and safety of your project. You should look for a contractor that has the following characteristics:

  • Experience and expertise in the type of excavation or pipeline work you need, such as lot development, subdivision development, septic systems, underground utilities, over excavations, basement digs, parking lots, roads, clearing and grubbing, ponds and catch basins, and equipment and dirt products transportation.
  • Proper licensing, insurance, and bonding to protect you from liability and ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.
  • Good reputation and references from previous clients and industry partners.
  • High-quality equipment and tools that are well-maintained and suitable for the job.
  • Knowledge and adherence to the Blue Stakes Law and the rules and responsibilities of excavating in Utah, such as planning, notifying, locating, and digging safely.
  • Competitive pricing and flexible financing options that fit your budget and timeline.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional southern Utah excavator or pipeline contractor, H&C Development has the skills, resources, and reputation to handle any project, big or small. Contact us today and get a free quote for your excavation or pipeline needs.

Equipped for Success

Excavation and Piping jobs require a fleet of heavy equipment and a team of skilled operators. Excavators, trenchers, pipe layers, backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks may all be required. H&C development has all of the heavy equipment you will need for your excavation or pipeline job as well as professional operators with decades of experience working in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

Curb and Gutter

Curb and gutter can increase the value of your property while adding a protective barrier to help drain runoff. With a thorough understanding of local codes and regulations, H&C Development has the knowledge and equipment to create curb and gutter for your next project.

House Pads

A house pad is the base of a building that supports the foundation and prevents it from sinking or shifting. Every residential construction project begins with a soil analysis to determine composition, stability and drainage. The soil must be able to support the weight of the structure and resist erosion.

Once any trees, stumps, roots, rocks or debris have been removed, the ground is graded to the desired level and slope. topsoil is removed and saved for later use. House pads are typically ten feet wider than the floorplan and 12 inches higher than the surrounding grade. Fill dirt is moistened and compressed with a compactor in layers of 6 to 8 inches until it reaches the desired height and density.

Each pad has a gentle slope away from the house to prevent water accumulation and damage.

H&C has the equipment and experience to give you an ideal surface for your construction project.


Driveway excavation is the process of removing the top layer of soil, rocks, and debris from a driveway site to create a stable base for the driveway. This process is critical for ensuring that the driveway is level, stable, and durable. Proper planning is also necessary for drainage. Contact H&C Development to get a free quote.


Every residential and commercial building project needs to be piped for sewer. This is no small task and requires specialized tools, equipment and knowledge. H&C Development has extensive experience and will get the job done right.


We can run conduit and electrical cables to the construction site, ensuring that the lot is properly stubbed and ready for your build.


Roadways require large level surfaces with compacted earth using compositions that won’t shift, swell or sink. Additionally, they need to be constructed with proper drainage plans in order to avoid the accumulation of water on roadways or surrounding properties. Let us handle the dirt work for your next excavation project.


Are there existing structures on your property? We have the heavy machinery necessary to complete thorough demolition and remove debris. Contact us to schedule your demolition project.


Backfill is the process of placing soil around the foundation to secure it and manage drainage. A combination of gravel and soil types may be used to achieve the desired goals. The earth must be thoroughly compacted to provide the necessary strength to the foundation and prevent shifting and erosion.

Tree and Rock Removal

Whether you are preparing a construction site or updating the landscaping of an existing home or business, tree and rock removal are jobs which often require heavy equipment and a skilled crew. H&C Development has the equipment and team for even your biggest rock and tree removal projects.

Erosion Control

Without proper preventative measures, erosion can quickly destroy your landscaping, wash away top soil, and result in shifting or foundation damage. Good drainage, soil selections, compacting, retaining walls and other measures can be used to help mitigate the effects of the elements. H&C has the knowledge, tools and experience to protect your investment from erosion.

Piping & Conduit

H&C Development can plan and install all of your piping and conduit for fiber, electrical, water and sewer including complete drainage systems. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your next project.

Pipeline Disinfection and Bacteria Testing

Once your lines are installed, our team will perform extensive pressure testing as well as full system disinfection in preparation for bacteria testing.

Transparent Pricing

We believe good business is built on transparency, detailed planning and clear communication. Thanks to our extensive experience and buying power, H&C will give you accurate, competitive pricing information on your next piping or excavation project, without unexpected costs or delays.

Kanab and Fredonia’s Premiere Excavator and Pipeline Installer

If you are looking for a reliable and professional contractor for your trenching, grading, compacting and piping needs, look no further than H&C Development. We have the experience, team and heavy equipment to handle robust projects including curb and gutter, house pads, driveways, sewer & electrical, roadways and more. We also offer demolition, backfill, tree removal, rock removal and erosion control. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us make your land work for you.

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