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Excavation & Compacting

If you are looking for a reliable and professional contractor for your trenching, grading and compacting needs, look no further than H&C Development. We have the experience, team and heavy equipment to handle robust projects including curb and gutter, house pads, driveways, sewer & electrical, roadways and more. We also offer demolition, backfill, tree removal, rock removal and erosion control. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us make your land work for you.

Piping & Conduit

H&C Development can plan and install all of your piping and conduit for fiber, electrical, water and sewer including complete drainage systems. Once your lines are installed, our team will perform extensive pressure testing as well as full system disinfection in preparation for bacteria testing. Whatever your piping or conduit needs, we have the skills and equipment to complete your job efficiently and safely. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your next project.

Heavy Equipment

Excavation and Piping jobs require a fleet of heavy equipment and a team of skilled operators. Excavators, trenchers, pipe layers, backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks may all be required. H&C development has all the heavy equipment you will need for your excavation or pipeline job as well as professional operators with decades of experience working in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. H&C development is your reliable partner for excavation and piping jobs.

Curb & Gutter

Curb and gutter add value and protection to your property. They help drain runoff water and reduce erosion and flooding risks. H&C Development has the know-how and the equipment to install curb and gutter for your project. They comply with the local codes and regulations and guarantee quality work. Get in touch with H&C Development today and request a free quote for your curb and gutter installation.

House Pads

A house pad is the base of a building that supports the foundation and prevents it from moving. It requires soil analysis, clearing, grading and topsoil removal. Fill dirt is moistened and compressed in layers to make the pad wider and higher than the floorplan. The pad has a gentle slope away from the house to drain water and avoid damage. H&C has the equipment and experience to create a perfect house pad for you.


Driveway excavation is the process of digging out the top layer of soil, rocks, and debris from a driveway site. This creates a stable base for the driveway. This process is essential for ensuring that the driveway is level, stable, and durable. Proper planning is also necessary for drainage. H&C Development has the expertise and the equipment to do driveway excavation for you. Contact them today and get a free quote for your driveway project.


Every residential and commercial building project needs to have sewer pipes installed. This is a complex and challenging task that demands specialized tools, equipment and knowledge. H&C Development has the expertise and the experience to handle this task for you. They will ensure that the sewer pipes are properly laid, connected and tested. H&C Development is your trusted partner for sewer piping projects.


H&C Development can install electrical lines to your building lots with efficiency and quality. They have the tools, equipment and knowledge to handle any electrical project. They follow the safety standards and regulations and ensure that the electrical lines are properly connected and tested. H&C Development is your reliable partner for electrical line installation.


Roadways need large level surfaces with compacted earth that has stable compositions. This prevents the earth from shifting, swelling or sinking. Roadways also need proper drainage plans to prevent water accumulation on the roads or nearby properties. H&C Development can handle the dirt work for your next excavation project. They have the equipment and experience to build roadways that are durable and reliable.


Do you have old structures on your property that you want to remove? We can help you with that. We have the heavy machinery and the expertise to demolish any structure and clear the debris. We can make your property ready for your new project. Contact us today and book your demolition project. We offer competitive prices and quality service. H&C Development is your trusted partner for demolition projects.


Backfill is the process of filling the space around the foundation with soil. This helps to stabilize the foundation and control drainage. Different types of soil and gravel may be mixed to get the best results. The soil must be compacted well to make the foundation strong and avoid shifting and erosion. Backfill is an important step in building construction. H&C Development can do backfill for you with quality and efficiency.

Tree and Rock Removal

Tree and rock removal require heavy equipment and a skilled crew. Whether you are preparing a construction site or updating the landscaping of an existing property, H&C Development can handle your tree and rock removal projects. They have the equipment and team for any size of project. Contact H&C Development today and get a free estimate for your tree and rock removal needs. They offer quality service and competitive prices.

Erosion Control

Erosion can damage your landscaping, top soil, and foundation if you don’t take proper preventative measures. You can prevent erosion by using good drainage, soil selections, compacting, retaining walls and other measures. These will help you reduce the impact of the elements on your property. H&C has the knowledge, tools and experience to help you with erosion control. They can protect your investment from erosion and ensure its long-term value.

Pipeline Disinfection and Bacteria Testing

After installing your lines, our team will conduct a thorough pressure testing to check the integrity and functionality of the system. We will also disinfect the entire system using approved methods and chemicals to eliminate any harmful bacteria. This will prepare the system for bacteria testing, which will ensure the safety and quality of the water. Our team is committed to providing you with a reliable and sanitary system.

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