Southern Utah Investment Properties

1031 Exchange Opportunities

Southern Utah is a great place to invest in 1031 exchange properties. With its stunning natural beauty and booming real estate market, Southern Utah offers investors the opportunity to own high-quality properties that generate steady income and appreciate in value over time. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a long-term investment, Southern Utah has something for everyone.

Excavation & Pipeline Services

We have the experience, team and equipment to handle robust projects including curb and gutter, house pads, driveways, sewer & electrical, roadways and more. H&C can plan and install all of your piping and conduit for fiber, electrical, water and sewer including complete drainage systems. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your next big project.

Framing & Carpentry

H&C Development is proficient in framing projects including sheathing, subfloor, truss installation and more, all with impressively fast turnaround times. H&C Development builds all walls offsite in a specialized shop environment to ensure square corners and straight walls. Our in-shop approach often makes it possible for our team to continue work on your project, even in the most inclement weather.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of build and build process with H&C Development. The process was simple, the staff was responsive and the finished product is fantastic.

– Chris M.
Southern Utah 1031 Exchange Properties
Southern Utah and Northern Arizona are great locations to invest in real estate. If you already have one or more investment properties, a 1031 exchange can make it easy to transfer the sale of an existing property into a new property without paying capital gains taxes. The following is a general overview. You can use …
Excavation & Pipeline Contractor Serving Kanab and Fredonia
What to Look for in a Southern Utah Excavator or Pipeline Contractor Selecting a southern Utah excavator or pipeline contractor is an important decision that can affect the quality, cost, and safety of your project. You should look for a contractor that has the following characteristics: Experience and expertise in the type of excavation or …
General Contractor for Kanab, Utah and Fredonia Arizona
Are you looking for an experienced construction company in Southern Utah or Northern Arizona? H&C Development has the experience, team and heavy equipment to complete your project on time and to spec. What to Look for in a Southern Utah Home Builder When looking for a construction company for your building project, there are several …
We proudly rely on our exclusive partners for countertops and water wells:

Fabquartz and Granite is the exclusive quartz and natural stone countertop provider for H&C Development. With over 100 stunning surfaces to choose from, FabQuartz has something you are guaranteed to love. Explore their website or talk with one of their design experts to discover the full range of possibilities for your next custom countertop, backsplash, fireplace surround or accent wall.

Cluff Brothers is Southern Utah and Northern Arizona’s premier water well drilling authority. As a multi-generational drilling family, the Cluff Brothers have extensive experience and the capacity to get your job done with low lead times and prompt personal service. Cluff Brothers Drilling is the exclusive drilling partner for H&C Development.

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